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Christmas has just finished and Valentine’s Day is on the way, so is Easter, and also Mother’s Day, that means there’s also Father’s Day, and in between are birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christenings, bah mitzvahs, in fact there are more occasions coming up than this one blogger can count. After we have caught a breath, Christmas will have turned up again and the whole manic episode starts up once more. The list of when a special gift is needed is growing longer and longer and the choices on the high street are getter smaller and smaller (or maybe that’s just me getting fed up of seeing the same ‘novelty’ plastic rubbish in every other shop…). So where do you turn when something a little extra special is required? aspex has one useful, varied and original solution; in fact make that two.

Firstly, the keen crafter out there should make use of the workshops that aspex host throughout the year. At Christmas our Aiming High mums and dads made their own rag-wreath decorations and coming up we are hosting a workshop with Esther Coombs who will help our crafters to decorate plates and tea cups in a truly unique way. These workshop help to provide a crafty and fun release for our visitors and friends as well as creating decorations for the home or a fantastic gift for someone wonderful. aspex is always looking for an interesting and exciting ways to get creative so keep your eyes peeled on the website to see our upcoming workshops.

And then there is the aspex Craft and Design Space. Our shop is the sort of shop that will always be there when you need a little something special for your family or a close friend, a small thank you present, a little ‘thinking of you’ token, a treat for being so good or even just because you’ve seen something that is completely perfect for the wall in the hallway.

And the best bit? The aspex shop is now available online here. For your comfort and ease it is now possible to buy many of our prints and pictures from the comfort of your sofa or bed regardless of you being in Southsea or sat waiting for the ‘missus’ in Gunwharf Quays or even snowed-in in Inverness, in fact you can even shop from the Great Wall of China and have it delivered to San Francisco.

There are a great variety of prices and styles available on the shop including Arran Mackintosh’s illustrated ‘Scroll of Britain,’ ‘Scroll of Portsmouth‘ and ‘Mary Rose Scroll‘ priced at £12 per item. The artist was born in Portsmouth and has an interest for the rich history of the area, having graduated Portsmouth University Arran won the aspex 2010 graduate award. The ‘Scrolls of Britain’ series provide a fascinating, talented and unique look into the history of England and Portsmouth.

Another artist featured of the online shop is Ashley Joseph Edwards and his work will provide the perfect solution for that hallway wall that has proved tricky in finding the ideal piece of art for. Ashley is on the cutting edge of creating politically-charged, aesthetically pleasing pieces of art. The artist is still at university but is making waves within the art world.

Recently, you may have heard talk about the aspex Friend scheme, it is a brilliant programme and definitely worth investigating (on this page right here…) or I’m sure there will an excellent blog winging its way to the matter very shortly. The Friends scheme is offering a free tote bag for every new Friend but if you are particularly keen on the bag or think your snowed-in friend in Inverness would think it the perfect present then it can be bought online or in the shop for £7 (reduced from £10).

Whew! That was a long blog. Happy shopping.

The aspex shop is open whenever the gallery is and can be found in between the reception and the Café (another place within aspex filled with exciting treats, though this one is definitely yummier.) The online shop is open 24/7 and can be found online on the Culture Label website which is in partnership with the Arts Council and aims to offer affordable art for all.


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