20 Jul -
28 Aug 2013

11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Main Space

Join us for an artist talk with David on Wednesday 14 August at 6pm – find out more here.

You can now listen to a tour of the exhibition with David Blandy on Soundcloud below. You can also download the file to listen to on your MP3 player here.

In David Blandy’s latest film a pair of figures walk and converse through a series of animated landscapes. The 16-bit representations are of Blandy and his father, John, discussing their respective art practises, wandering past snow covered temples, rainforest and ruined cities, images at once recognisable as the virtual territory of David’s practise.Blandy’s on going examination of his cultural and personal influences manifests here as an interaction with John Blandy, to co-author a series of works. John Blandy is a landscape artist, and a graduate of St Martins School of Art and the Royal College of Art, with a commitment to drawing from life. This has led to projects such as ‘Following a Lime Tree’, which involved depicting a single Lime tree over 2500 times, documenting its daily development.

For this exhibition David has commissioned his father to produce a series of pastel landscapes, based on appropriated images. This employment of virtual scenes produced by a third, un-credited maker, is distinctly at odds with John’s practice and ethos, however John Blandy has approached this source material meticulously, adapting his normal working methods to produce a series of densely worked images.

The corresponding film emerges from this proposition, and frames their respective critical positions, as they discuss particular working methods, their differing attitudes towards collaboration and appropriation and especially the impact that art production has had on their relationship.

Dave Hoyland, Director, Seventeen Gallery

Background was first exhibited at Seventeen Gallery, 20 February – 23 March 2013.

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