Human Made Things

14 Dec -
03 Mar 2013

6:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Main Space

Above: Andy Holden’s The Cookham Erratics on show aWORKS|PROJECTS, Bristol

Preview: 14 December 2012, 6-8pm

A  group show featuring a selection of works from Sarah Dobai, Andy Holden and Suzanne Moxhay, which explore making as a means of questioning, understanding and communicating.

Sarah Dobai: Nettlecombe

Sarah Dobai works with photography, film and video. Her photographs and film works often come about through a performative and reflexive process or are made on location where the latent atmospheric or narrative qualities of the place animate the image.

In this exhibition her 16mm film Nettlecombe pictures a landscaped garden whose stillness is broken by the wind that plays across it.

Shot in a day and shown sequentially, the film uses this setting as a stage for of the playing out of cinematic devices, playing with the audience’s perception of narrative, psychological or atmospheric qualities of the landscape.

Find out more about Nettlecombe at FLAMIN.

Andy Holden: The Cookham Erratics 

The Cookham Erratics are a body of six knitted sculptures, which are enlarged replicas of small stones and pebbles collected from the churchyard at Cookham, England, the setting for the celebrated painting The Resurrection, Cookham, 1923-7 by British artist, Stanley Spencer.

The sculptures, constructed from steel, foam and mixed kitted yarns resonate with Holden’s iconic Pyramid Piece, presented at Tate Britain in 2009. First installed in
the main building of the impressive Benaki Museum, Greece, in late 2011, The Cookham Erratics were a response to the museum’s ancient sculptures and relics,
presented as a personal archaeology investigating the links between private memories, monuments and the complexities in creating an object which represents
an overall temporal experience.

From each of the six sculptures a voice recounts a fragmented narrative Holden has composed, ranging across geological, autobiographical and art historical accounts,
with references to Harman and Latour, two key thinkers associated with the emerging movement in contemporary philosophy, Speculative Realism. Concerned
with the role objects play in philosophy, bringing into consideration inanimate objects or cartoon figures, this particular school of thought continues to inform
Holden’s broader practice.

Suzanne Moxhay: Penumbra

Penumbra is Suzanne Moxhay’s latest series of photographic works, most recently shown at BEARSPACE in South London. Moxhay builds complex montages which fuse found photographs from mid century travel magazines with her own photography, this series‘Penumbra’ was largely inspired by exploring the edgelands of London, where small patches of wilderness encroach on the man made environment, creating strange juxtapositions of the natural and urban.

Moxhay’s photographs stimulate a real sense of depth, the result of building three dimensional glass structures to collage on to and finally photograph through. This distortion of photographic imagery is a theme carried through her current work,  through the restless reprocessing of found imagery, creating subverted environments that become detached from the photographic, and that inevitably exist in a space between documentative and staged photography. There is a suggestion of narrative, of an event having just occured or about to happen in these marginal spaces.

See Suzanne Moxhay discussing her unique photographic process with Andrew Graham-Dixon on the BBC’s Culture Show.

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