aspex have worked with a range of different groups, from young people right through to the over 65’s. We are more than happy to work with formal and informal groups. Below are some the major projects we have worked on recently. If you have an idea or are part of a group that would like to work with Aspex, contact Vicky Chiswell, Participation Manager, on 023 9277 8080 or email

The Futurators

aspex have been working with a groups of young people since 2010 as part of the Futurators programme. With the help of our Participation Team team the Futurators have visited galleries and attended an intensive programme of masterclasses by artists and industry professionals. This has enabled them to better understand the curating process. Through a consensus based decision process The Futurators have determined that the exhibition and artworks will focus on the idea of secrets and all the forms that they take. This resulted in the exhibition entitled Portshhhhmouth, which was held at Room 237 on Elm Grove and in the Café Space at aspex.

Portsmouth Over 60s Festival

aspex have contributed two events for the Portsmouth Over 60’s Festival for the past two years – our ever popular life drawing class and a talk from artist Melanie Rose entitled Modern Art Is Rubbish, which always provokes a lively debate!