EMERGENCY: 2015/16

EMERGENCY: 2015/16

27 Nov - 11 Jan

Earlier this year Aspex invited emerging artists working in all media to submit work for possible inclusion in EMERGENCY. Nearly 400 artists from across the world answered the call.

A panel of selectors: Suki Chan, artist; Karen Mackinnon, Director & Curator, Artes Mundi; Kwong Lee, Director, Castlefield Gallery; and Joanne Bushnell, Director, aspex met recently to view thousands of submitted works.

A shortlist of ten were chosen, and are now featuring in the EMERGENCY exhibition, currently showing in our main space. From the shortlist of ten, an overall winner has now been selected, and we are thrilled to announce that MAYA RAMSAY is our winner.

British artist Ramsay’s ‘Wall of Sound’ submission is a series of graphite wall rubbings, on blank manuscript paper, of the woodchip wallpaper in Jimi Hendrix’s London home at 23 Brook Street, Mayfair.

The resulting wall rubbings look remarkably like musical notation, creating a beautiful and arresting piece of work that captures both a unique visual and aural history of the flat, and allows the viewer to imagine the sound Hendrix’s walls might make.

Ramsay wins a prize of £1000, and a solo exhibition at the gallery in 2017.

Joanne Bushnell, director of aspex, said: "We're thrilled to be working with Maya on the development of her solo project for presentation in spring 2017.

"The work of all ten artists included within the group emergency exhibition is of an exceptionally high standard, and therefore it was very difficult to come to a final decision.

“But Maya's approach to exploring the history and nature of spaces is incredibly interesting and we are excited to see what she might do next, and help her to achieve her ambitions."

The full shortlist of artists is:

  • Alison Carlier
  • Rita Evans
  • Euan Gray
  • Chris Shaw Hughes
  • Caroline King J
  • ane Lawson
  • Laura Malacart
  • Steve Moberly
  • Maya Ramsay
  • Tim Simmons

The work of all ten artists will remain on show until the 11 January, 2016.

The biennial open submission exhibition, EMERGENCY, is a key element of aspex‘s programme, providing early career artists with an opportunity to bring their work to wider attention.

I am very delighted to be the winner of EMERGENCY 2016/17 and look forward to following in the footsteps of the internationally acclaimed artists who have been supported by aspex at early stages of their careers

Maya Ramsay