35 & Counting: Andy Harper

In early February we launched ’35 & Counting’, an exhibition and online auction, marking 35 years of supporting emerging artists.

All proceeds of the online auction, launching on Thursday 16 February (5pm), will support our artist residency programme.

To showcase the 29 artworks generously donated, we have asked each of the artists to remind us of their involvement with the gallery and what a residency means to them.


Above: 'An Orrery for Other Worlds'

Andy Harper

Andy Harper, lives and works in Cornwall.  He studied painting at Brighton Polytechnic before completing an MA at the Royal College of Art, and another in Visual Culture at Middlesex University. He has exhibited his work extensively in the UK and internationally.

The artist said: “I had a show [at Aspex] in 2010 which acted as a great reflection on my recent work in relation to older pieces of work – this was an invaluable experience, and an exhibition I refer back to in many of my conversations in now, seven years later”

How have funded residencies supported your professional development, and what impact have they had on your work?

“Funded residencies have broadened my sense of my own practice. By shifting the location of one’s practice it is easier to reflect on its inherent qualities and eccentricities. And by being in a different environment and engaging with a new people and a new discourse it of course in turn has a huge impact on one’s approach to the work.

The effects of a funded residency can take a long time to fully work themselves out, sometimes it is not for 3 or 4 years that it becomes evident how such an experience has shifted and developed the work”

About the artwork

'Whispers of Immortality'

  • Oil on canvas
  • 40 x 55cm 

“The painting ‘Whispers of Immortality’ is one of the last works available from this period and has been in my own collection, hung in my house, since it returned from an exhibition in Berlin. The introduction of more geometric hard edged forms in this painting liberated many new possibilities in my mark making to imagine and visualize the future natural. It was a key painting of the series of works that led up to my show at Aspex.”