Individual donations

We are committed to the idea that art is for the many, not the few.

That’s why we do not charge an entry fee for any of our exhibitions, and why many of our participation and outreach events are free.

We are able to deliver our rich and engaging programme of events thanks to a combination of public funding, earned income, corporate support and individual donations, from supporters like you.

We won’t bombard you with letters and phone calls, nor will we flood your email inbox if you decide to donate to the organisation.

We will, however, be hugely grateful for the contribution you have made to helping us continue to grow as an arts organisation in the city.

How can I donate?



You can donate in the gallery itself, by dropping a few coins in the donations box beside the front desk.

Charity Checkout

You can give to the gallery via our Charity Checkout account, a 100% secure system designed specifically for charities like us. Simply click the link and follow the instructions on-screen.


You can now donate using Bitcoin! Bitcoin is a digital currency used to exchange funds online. This non-printed form of currency is another safe way of donating to Aspex and supporting our work.

To donate, simply scan the QR code below!