Jeannie Driver: Black Lines

Jeannie Driver: Black Lines

5 Jul - 2 Aug

Our artist-in-residence for July 2017 is artist Jeannie Driver, who will be using the Artist’s Studio to develop new artwork and experiment with new processes.

The artist said:

“This new series of work combines my interest in the cyclical nature and re-appropriation of material, specifically paper to ash to charcoal, and a return to drawing with a new set of rules, systems, materials and measurements.

Under a working title of ‘Lifting the Drawing off the page: Black Lines’, the residency will focus on the ubiquitous gallery wall space as the primary material to create works as an exploration between drawing and sculpture/installation. The drawings intend to present ambiguities where vision becomes the subject”.

Driver intends to make several works throughout the duration of her residency, initially working from sketches previously made for large-scale sculptural installations.

The artist has exhibited with the gallery on three previous occasions: ‘Homemade’ (2002), ‘Spike it’ (2007) and ‘Rising Tides’ (2010).

For several years the artist’s practice has been informed by ‘used, discarded or waste paper’ for its material qualities, imbued meanings, histories and symbolism and values.  In line with her habit of reprocessing material from one artwork to another, this new series of works will include obliterated data from previous artworks, specifically, ‘Lines of Passage’, reinterpreting its materiality and form into new artworks creating new spaces.

Driver will be in residence until 2 August. You can see more of the artist's work on her website.

Top image: ‘Rising Tides’, Aspex (2010)