Portsmouth Artist's Book Event 2018 (PABE): Substance

Portsmouth Artist's Book Event 2018 (PABE): Substance

18 Mar

Substance is a one-day event exploring artist’s books as a multidisciplinary art form, presenting stories, poems and bold statements in an amazing array of forms - from the page to performance, installation and sculpture.

The event,  curated by Dave Kirby and Danny Aldred, will bring together multiple artistic disciplines inviting visitors to participate in the process of making and telling 'stories'.

Event exhibitors:

  • The University of Portsmouth, The Ministry of Books/ Illustration Staff & Students

  • Winchester School of Art, Graphic Design

  • Artists Books Online

  • Pete Kennedy, Apuldram/Apulhead Originals

  • Mark Beechill, Less Than 500 Press

  • Tracey Bush, Fathom Five Books

  • Eileen White,

  • Helen Scalway

  • Jan Fairbairn-Edwards

  • Murray Marshall/Transrational Publications

  • Lee Shearman/ Microlibrary Books

Throughout the day a short series of talks will be delivered by artist’s books practitioners Egidija Čiricaitė, Suzuki-Bosco and Catherine Polley, in addition to performances and readings by Majid Dhana/Jidos Reality, Christine Lawrence, Amanda Garrie, the Portsmouth Writers' Hub and many more.

Visitors will also have the opportunity produce their own ‘zine, using a risograph printing machine courtesy of Winchester School of Art.

Substance is the first national artist’s book event to be held in Portsmouth, featuring established UK and international artists, as well as students from a broad range of artistic disciplines.

Substance will showcase traditional printed, bound book arts - handmade low tech 'zines, self publishing poets and writers; spoken word, sound and performance based artists; experimental, sculptural and site specific interactions designed to spark conversations and stories that both challenge and reinforce ideas of what constitutes a 'book'.

The event will be an opportunity for artists and visitors to engage and interact, to generate narratives through conversations, and throughout the day, hear those dialogues transformed and re-presented.

Visitors to the event will experience the processes of how narratives and other content can be generated and contained, encapsulated in forms that can be taken away and re-lived elsewhere.

Substance (Portsmouth Artist’s Book Event) will take place on Sunday 18 March 2018. The event will be free to the public.

Visit the Substance website for further information.