CRAFTED FUTURES | Craft Showcase

CRAFTED FUTURES | Craft Showcase

3 Apr - 23 Jun

Crafted Futures is a showcase of local and international makers who are harnessing technology as a means of creative production, redefining craft for the modern age.

The exhibition comprises cross disciplinary and innovative works from Olufolake Ayeyemi (Portsmouth, United Kingdom) Eve Balashova (Murmansk, Russia), Taekyeom Lee (Boone, USA) and George Akerman (Portsmouth, United Kingdom).

Crafted Futures forms part of Aspex’s Spring season of exhibition and events, exploring the appropriation of digital and technology across the arts.



George Akerman (Vessels Pottery)

George is a Southsea based ceramicist bringing new technology to an age old craft. He creates sleek, geometric vessels through the use of 3D printers.

George has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, and following this, became a member of The Maker’s Guild - a creative making space located in Portsmouth’s historic Guildhall.

Olufolake Ayeyemi (My Fruitful Fingers)

Olufolake developed new fabric hangings whilst working with collaborative duo boredomresearch (artists Vicky Isley and Paul Smith) during the PONToon project. Funded by INTERREG France (Channel Manche) England, PONToon aims to develop digital skills for women aged 18 - 35.

Olufolake used this opportunity to learn new processes to design works for her textile business, My Fruitful Fingers. Her work incorporates microscopic images of flora and fauna, inputted into software to produce unique fabric designs.

Eve Balashova

The work of contemporary jewellery designer and maker Evgeniia Balashova is a quest for finding harmony between chaos and order. She creates her unique pieces using a combination of digital manufacturing and traditional hand skills, bringing strict geometry and smooth organic flow together in unique, captivating compositions. Her designs draw inspiration from repetitive patterns and shapes found in everyday life.

She takes these patterns out of their natural environment and transforms them into grid-like structures using 3d modelling software. Through further manipulation Eve gives these grids volume and vibrance, turning simple geometric shapes into living vivid objects. Eve’s metalworking skills allow her to combine 3D printed nylon with sterling silver components, creating a careful balance between two contrasting materials. Her approach to making is experimental in the sense of pushing the boundaries and material possibilities of 3d printed nylon. Each piece from Eve’s collection is a careful manipulation of weight, texture and kinetic qualities of the material.

Taekyeom Lee

Based in the USA, Taekyeom currently works as Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Appalachian State University. Taekyeom’s practice is interdisciplinary in nature, referring to himself as a ‘designer using artist materials’.

He has built his own ceramic delta 3D printer, based on ‘RepRap’ principles, creating gorgeous vessels and typographic art. Fascinated by unconventional methods to create 3D type, he is exploring the development of digital fabrication and typographic practices in the post-digital age with the goal of realising new, tangible 3D production methods.