Highbury College | Response to The Endless Village

Highbury College | Response to The Endless Village

19 Apr - 10 Jun

Level 3 Art & Design students from Highbury College have been working with Aspex to create their own responses to The Endless Village by General Public.

Ten students worked with us for a week in March 2018, learning about the Gallery and career progression opportunities within the arts. Through this process they also met with General Public artist Chris Poolman, to discuss their practice and the themes of their exhibition. 

Following this, the students were set the challenge of creating their own artworks in response and putting on their own exhibition. 

The work on display here shows the artwork created and the exhibition was also curated and installed by the students. 

Student Alicja Gibson said: "Our course is really good, we’ve been working with a lot of different mediums, from photography to illustrations. It’s been very enjoyable and I’ve learned a lot about the gallery and all the staff have been really friendly."

Another student, Ellie Hayter, said: "Working in the gallery is a different experience, our course is not just about being in the classroom, you also get to experience what it’s like in the art world. I’ve never done anything like this before, it’s a really new thing for me, I’m a bit nervous but it’s great to have the opportunity."