18 Jun - 23 Jul

'Trawl' is a playful celebration of Portsmouth’s long and proud relationship with the sea, as well as a reminder of our responsibility in caring for it.

'Trawl' aims to brings people together to share stories and skills in the tradition of net-making coastal communities of artisanal or subsistence fishers in and around the United Kingdom.

The project has been created by Croshare, which comprises of artists Sharon Bennett and Tom Jeram-West and has been commissioned by Portsmouth Festivities.

The artists said: "The sea surrounding our nation’s only island city isn’t ‘just’ an aquatic habitat; the ebb and flow of its tides have helped shape Portsmouth’s unique culture, society and physical geography for centuries, and the waves lapping against Langstone Harbour or breaking on the beach at Southsea are part of the same body of water that’s washing the shores of faraway places such as Guaitecas in Chile or Kanomi in Papua New Guinea - connecting us with far more than the mainland.

In exploring our relationship with the sea, we explore our relationship with ourselves: with whom we want to connect and how we want to connect with them - what we want to share and what we hope will be shared with us in return. What better way that to work on one of the items we use to connect with the sea, to reach down into the depths and explore the potential of this - the net?"

Using basic crochet skills, those taking part in 'Trawl' will help create a fun, large and bright installation: a crocheted fishing net, made possible by the experience and expertise of those who came before. This will be filled with made items as well as those retrieved from the shoreline, showing the impact of those who are here now. Participants will leave with new skills, new friends and a new outlook on life by the sea.

Get involved!

On Sunday 18 June Croshare will be leading a workshop inspired by our relationship with the sea. The workshop will lead to the production of the new artwork.

The session is a drop-in (running from 11am - 3pm) and is completely free. Croshare invite all ages and abilities to take part.

Find out more here.

About Croshare

Croshare has its roots in artist Sharon Bennett’s Learning Project; Sharon welcomed friends and family members to pass on knowledge and skills to her in an exploration of the relationship between the master and the apprentice.

Sharon approached designer-maker Tom Jeram-West and asked them to teach her how to crochet in 2012, a task to which they took enthusiastically in the hope of not only imparting knowledge and skill, but also passion for the craft.

Sharon has since become a keen crocheter, and Croshare was born from her suggestion to create a project as part of which the knowledge of, and skills and passion for, crochet she had acquired might be shared in larger, public settings; and one in which the performance of the acts of teaching and learning became art, echoing the ethos of her Learning Project.

Through a collaborative practice, Sharon Bennett aims to act as a facilitator, creating opportunities for the artist, collaborators and audience to have a dialogue with one another and with the work.